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“Teach a child whilst they are still young and they shall always remember” so the saying goes. Children are generally fast learners to new concepts, languages and adapt easily to new phenomena as compared to adults.  Elsewhere in the world including in Malawi; there are still visible gaps in terms of professionals that are working in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields. In a quest to build a generation of  more professionals in the aforementioned fields; it is necessary to engage with children and young people at an early stage to motivate them with incentives and deliberate strategies that enhance awareness of these subjects. It is in this vein that Mhub established a Childrens Coding Club. The club is basically a training session for children to learn basic computer programming concepts.

Children learn how to develop computer programmes particularly games; in order to inspire them to consider a career in the field. The sessions are open to children twice a week. Children use Scratch (http//  platform and will soon be taught how to use MIT App Inventor. Both Scratch and MIT App Inventor were created at the MIT in the USA and have since been used by thousands of children across the world to learn basic block programming. Block programming is easy as it involves drag and drop. It is a good start for learners that intend to eventually transcend into syntax programming.  So far over 22 children are members of the children coding club sessions and more seem interested.

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