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Young Malawian programmer wins Global Innovators Competition

Samson Fiado Samson Fiado mHub

Twenty three year old  Samson Fiado won the GIST Spirit of Tech Award at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Kenya in 2015. The Global Innovation for Science and Technology (GIST) Competition attracted thousands of applicants from 86 countries across the world. 

Fiado became a member of mHub in February, 2015. He developed a local Accounting Package, called EasyBooks. The platform is specifically designed for small and medium enterprise businesses to document and track their business’ financial details. It helps businesses  know whether they are making profits or not, keep records of their customers and suppliers, keeps track of revenue generated, expenses incurred, VAT.  

It can be managed by one administrator leaving a trail that can be easily followed. EasyBooks does not require one to have IT or Accounting knowledge or experience as most of the technicalities are done in the backend.

Apart from solving SME’s financial record keeping problem, Easy Books Accounting package also tackles the security issue surrounding accounting packages in Malawi in the wake of the massive looting problem infamously called Cashgate.

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